Start your healing journey today!

Life is a journey of experiences! We all are connected with nature in a way that we have our inner ability to heal ourselves naturally.
If we heal ourselves, we can help others.

I am here to guide and support you on your path of self-discovery through Yoga, Reiki, and Meditation

You are what you are….
By nature, we are joyful and peaceful beings. My role is to offer you the tools and techniques to get
clarity and connect to your true nature to live a joyful and harmonious life.


Yoga therapy provides the perfect opportunity for us to work together to focus on the unique requirements of your body and energy. Together we can explore what works for you and maximize your potential.


These classes help you develop a well-rounded practice. As you develop within these classes, you’ll experience the personal qualities of stillness, radiance, personal power, joy and truth, insight, lightness and a blissful state of mind.


  • Out of Uganda in 90 Days
    Mila Rising


I know Urmila for a year and half Through her teaching of yoga- Kriya which I enjoy so much. About 6 months ago when she offered Reiki classes, I knew I should try it, especially with her since she is a great teacher, a wonderful kind and caring individual. I am so grateful to learn how to channel Reiki energy to myself or transmitted to others, body scanning to find out where the energy flow is low, using Reiki energy for mental and emotional problem, also use it for distance healing.The coolest moment was after getting attunement’s by Urmila I could sense the energy flow to my hands!Megan from Clayton, CAApril-2016


Recently, I suffered severe back spasm. Medication and care experience were of some help. A local acupuncturist really calmed the hurt as well. I met Urmila Patel. One day when my back was still suffering pain. Her magical Reiki technique was the final treatment to help me heal! I now am back playing pickle-ball, a new activity full of feed & nice people. 5 stars for Urmila’s Reiki! *****

Robin/ Concord

I had found sessions with Mila to be exceptional and tailored to my needs. Mila’s warmth and attunement to physical and psychological needs make her a joy to seek healing from. Her nurturing demeanor allows me to relax and sink into the hour-long sessions. I often experience calmness throughout my body and spirit during and after my visits with her. In addition to receiving Reiki healing and attunement, I also recently completed Mila’s reiki certification course. As an individual with a strong background in psychological rehabilitation, Mila’s course is a lovely addition to my healing practice. She is passionate about helping others and it shows in her teaching and individual attention she gives to each of her students. Valesia Ho June 22, 2019.

Valesia Ho

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