Mila Rising

In many parts of the world, gender inequality has been a social issue for generations. A girl is considered a burden and is seen as a burden and married away to anyone. Many are suffering from abuse and betrayal relationship. What happens when a woman is forced by tradition and family into an abusive marriage? Mila Rising is the emotionally moving story of a young mother’s journey from oppression to self-discovery. A must-read for anyone who feels trapped by their current circumstances.

Out of Uganda in 90 days

Urmila Patel’s startling memoir of survival, and escape from Idi Amin’s Uganda, is an amazing journey through cultures, beliefs, and life-and-death passions. Only through the eyes of a perceptive adolescent could we see the truths revealed here. The story of Urmila and her family will move readers while showing the fundamental value of love and family. The book never preaches or proselytizes, yet its message that human life and love are precious is clear from the first page to the last. In giving us her story of a girl maturing in tumult and bloodshed, Urmila shows us how her family found freedom again.